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westboro baptist church

tonight while i was shoveling the snow from my driveway, i had plenty of time to consider how completely vile and reprehensible fred phelps is.  and the rest of his freakish family.  except nathan, of course, and any others who had the good sense to quit or be shunned for coming to their senses…

anyway, i wrote most of the lyrics of a rather puerile, country-flavored anti-hymn in fp’s (dis-) honor.

maybe i can punk it up a little. it’s a good candidate for one of those one-off, throw away tracks you hide at the end of a cd (remember those?) after 12 minutes of silence.

but mostly, i just think it would be cathartic to record.

a worthless fucking song for a worthless fucking bastard. why the fuck not?

– kk