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rage, hate, and fluffy bunnies? wtf?

haven’t received any feedback on this EP title yet, but i’m certain that people are wondering.

the title is intentionally designed to convey multiple meanings, and evoke a reaction from the listener based on individual perception. so, regardless of what you think it’s about, you’re probably right. three very intentional themes are:

  1. humour / flippancy: you can easily write the title off as stupid or funny, and the title is intended to be a comment on dark artists’ tendency to take themselves and their genre too seriously.
  2. duality: as a species we tend to be very absolute in our perceptions, but things that appear wholesome or harmless are usually not. if you’ve been bitten (either in a literal or figurative sense) by someone or something you loved, you’ve experienced this.
  3. innocence damaged: everyone began life in the same way. how is it that some of us grow into monsters? when i thought about summing up a bad childhood in a sentence, this popped into my head: a strange intermixture of stereotypically warm and comforting imagery, warped by emotional turmoil and upheaval.

we’re really endeavouring to have a point to everything we do, within limits (because even that would be a constraint). that said, we’ve amassed a huge list of joke song and album titles, but we won’t pretend they’re deep and meaningful should any of them see the light of day.