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birth (the end)

just mastered another track. it’s the opener of the EP, and not intended for release as a single.

it says what we wanted to say, but even as the writers, it’s hard to listen to…

the cycles of the music reflect the cyclical recurrence of abuse. mid-song, the woman’s pleas to ‘stop’ seem to blend from a conflict with her partner to her distress during the process of birth labour, but it also indicates that the abuse continues to underscore the relationship, even as it changes from a pair to a family.

sonically, it’sĀ poundingĀ and grating. the words are only partially intelligible: more emotional than understandable. a relationship in turmoil, domestic abuse, an unwanted pregnancy: the stage for a new life that never should have been.

as an album cut, it’s part of the story. it’s the conceptual framework for the pieces that follow. it’s the beginning of a story arc. while RH&FB wasn’t initially conceived as a ‘concept EP’, the lyrical output clustered around the same dark region, and a concept emerged.

that said, people may only ever listen to the opening track once. hopefully it’s not the first song they ever hear from us, or they may not bother to listen to another one.

album recording in progress

well, well, results at last…

the first track was laid down today, with the exception of a bass part.

asw doesn’t have a dedicated studio, so there’s quite a bit of set up and tear down involved for a recording session. because this particular song: “nonentity” was written from scratch in-studio, there wasn’t enough time to get a bass part down. but 2 guitars, drums and vocals are in. the bass part, samples and effects will be added soon.

the debut album is tentatively titled “rage, hate, and fluffy bunnies”.

dig it.