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pleasure or provocation

i like twitter. it really forces you to encapsulate an idea:

since releasing “birth (the end)” as a ‘non-single’ (no hoopla, no video), i’ve wondered how to explain it. in series with the rest of the album tracks, i thinkĀ  its purpose is clear. as a stand-alone composition, it loses that context.

but in this era where albums in their entirety have been largely supplanted by the shuffle mentality, sequential experience isn’t really a realistic expectation.

so there is it is: “birth” is meant to be evocative, not entertaining. it sets the mood for what comes after. the closing track for the forthcoming album, “death (the beginning)”, will be similarly constructed, and will conclude what comes before. neither track will have a place on anyone’s mixtape or iPod, but they’ re essential bookends on ‘rage, hate, and fluffly bunnies’.

still debating whether RH&FB will be 5 or 6 long. much depends on how happy we are with “daffodils in springtime” (which at this rate might be the last song produced).