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a philosophy of creation

some years ago—the last time i actively wrote any music—i agonized over every aspect of songwriting design and structure. it wasn’t particularly healthy. while it felt like a disciplined, professional approach to composition and production, i don’t think it made me a particularly creative musician, or made my music more interesting.  if it was, i might have released something before now.

with this current project, there are no plans, precepts, or preconceptions… just some basic, foundational principles:

  1. while music is mathematical, i’m not going to worry about measures. if verses are irregularly long or inconsistently spaced, i’m unconcerned—so long as they feel  right to me.
  2. there may be no chorus, no bridge, no middle eight. the first two songs i’ve produced are very simple melodies that repeat, with or without variation.
  3. i’ll start with any instrument, or the words, and layer the rest. there’s no right place to begin, and i think people get in a rut when they rely on a specific process.
  4. i’ll write the parts that i think need to be there, rather than write parts for every instrument i can play. this means you might wait for the bass or the guitar part to come in… for the entire song.
  5. when i record and produce, i’ll use minimal compression. this means my record wont sound as loud as most of what is being produced today, but i like dynamics (and so do you, whether you realize it or not).

i’m tempted to say that all my lyrics will be deep, disturbing, provocative, or philosophical, but that’s another constraint i’m going to avoid. in general though, i like ideas, and i like to sing or talk about subjects of interest. my favourite music by other groups are not the endless instrumental barrages, but the songs that tell a story or convey a feeling or a state of mind.

hopefully something i write will be of interest to you, but this is the last thing i’m divesting myself of for this creative reboot: the need for recognition.

i am an attention whore. i suppose that to some degree this is part and parcel with artistry, but i’m trying to let go of it.

i sincerely hope you enjoy some aspect of the forthcoming asw EP, but the #6 that should appear in the list above is:

  • i’m going to write musical stories that i enjoy, even if no-one else does.