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love from Dolston

i got an unexpected treat this week in the form of an invitation to perform live, from none other than DJ Dolston: the promoter, manager and madness behind Death Disco. i wasn’t able to accept, but was pleased to see him leave the door open for us anyway.  a nice, well-timed boost.  much <3, DJD.

truthfully, the thought of performing live never occurred before.  this project began as a studio experiment with a goal of getting a few fans (achieved!), some club play (achieved!) and some digital sales (not achieved!). for now, i can’t see beyond that. plus, there’s the fact that this “band” is / was / probably always will be one guy and a load of hardware and software (marcus, my drummer, runs on hydrogen, if you must know).

i’m not sure what “live” is, given the model i work from.  sadly, and at least for now, video is as close to motion entertainment as asw gets.

however, with the purchase of a new guitar this summer and a new laptop this week to replace the 7 year old one [yes, seven, not a typo]  that the existing material was mixed on, the pieces are in place to make some more music.  now, as always, the missing ingredient is time.

sometime this week i hope to transfer the catalogue of raw songs, mixes and masters to the new hardware, and work on completing a 99%-done “fun song” comprised of a cool, heavily modulated loop and some of my favourite sound bites.  I think it could use some guitar noise to bring it to the finish line. 🙂

and no, i’m not promising a release date.  that joke isn’t funny anymore.

p.s. a helmet tip to Bubby-Bobble for being our latest fan on last.fm.

– kurgan k.

reality hurts

so… not a lot of work on the project recently. two of my family members were diagnosed with cancer within a week of each other. then, if that wasn’t enough, my pet dies. more than that, it was suffering greatly and i had to make the hard choice to have it euthanized.

lots of dark feelings for album material, if i could just drag my ass back to the microphone. sadly, there are more people than just me coping with the turmoil, and i’m needed still.

funny, but when i said we’d have the album out by the end of the year i truly thought that was more than enough time. now it seems like it might be barely enough.

anyway… that’s what’s up. many thanks to apriorism for keeping his ears and eyes open for us. it’s good to be missed.

– k.k.