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twitter suspended us

yes indeed. no explanation, no warning email, just a flat-out denial of service, with an admittedly kind invitation to appeal the suspension.

their prerogative, obviously, but it would have been nice to receive even a basic form letter providing some context.

  • we haven’t spammed anyone.
  • we’re not excessively following: our requests were targeted to individuals of interest.
  • we haven’t sent anything obscene (unless you count an RT of another non-suspended user who used an expletive to comment about cartoonist Tim Buckley’s revision of a webcomic to be more politically correct).

so far, we’re guilty of promoting our video and our new account on Facebook, in between other bits of humour and observation.

and i suppose we have a name that could offend people who aren’t diligent enough to realize it’s a mashup.

apologies to our two followers. thankfully, seeing as this was brand new, more people weren’t affected.

note to twitter: a restored and VERIFIED account would be a great kiss-and-make-up gesture.

(it’d be nice to think they’d actually check our website as part of the appeal process)

update: 24 April (Easter Sunday): service restored.