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so i ordered a new guitar…

…nothing special.  in fact, that was the whole idea.  cheap, bottom of the line, mass-produced, official copy of a good instrument.  something that can sit on a stand, and withstand being scratched, knocked over,  neglected.

it makes sound and will hopefully stay in tune for the duration of recording.

i bought it from lamusic dot ca, and so far i don’t recommend them. they are not fast.  i could have flown to indonesia and bought one in person by now, plus had a week’s holiday.

i still want to put out music.  i just realized that despite all the shit that’s happened, i feel mostly okay…  and that’s detrimental to my creative impetus.

i’m most into expression when i hurt so bad i need to let it all out.  as it stands, i’m keeping the good stuff in.  recording the material i have on paper and in the cloud will take work, because the person that wrote it isn’t the same anymore.  his non-evil twin has to pick up the undone.

anyway… i now own (but have not received!) something that i can see everytime i walk past it.  i want to make it more likely that i’ll grab it and start writing each day, if only for 10 minutes.