Album Status

for asw’s planning purposes (and your information), here’s the current status of the debut release:

title: “rage, hate, and fluffy bunnies” – songwriting began April 16, 2011

length: EP (to be determined, but we’re favouring EP releases over LP)

track listing: songs listed are tentative, and order is to be determined

release date: not set

title length status video
birth (the end) 3:42 complete
-keyboard, drums, samples
daffodils in springtime incomplete
– lyrics written (and as you’d guess, darker than the title suggests)
nonentity 4:33 complete
– music and lyrics written
– drums, guitars, and vocals recorded
– bass parts were recorded but not used in the easter preview mix. they are part of the finished song.
– ReverbNation
reciprocity 6:08 complete
– music and lyrics written
– drums and keyboard recorded
– vocals and samples recorded
– ReverbNation
world of grey incomplete
– music written
death (the beginning) incomplete
totals 3 songs, 14:23 duration, + 3 videos (Easter nonentity pre-release promo, nonentity, and reciprocity)

cover art:
tentative. submissions are welcome!

bunny eye, take 1 another?
(c) 2011-2013 caconym records. Commercial redistribution prohibited. Music & lyrics are (cc) BY-NC-SA by antisocialworkers.

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