love from Dolston

i got an unexpected treat this week in the form of an invitation to perform live, from none other than DJ Dolston: the promoter, manager and madness behind Death Disco. i wasn’t able to accept, but was pleased to see him leave the door open for us anyway.  a nice, well-timed boost.  much <3, DJD.

truthfully, the thought of performing live never occurred before.  this project began as a studio experiment with a goal of getting a few fans (achieved!), some club play (achieved!) and some digital sales (not achieved!). for now, i can’t see beyond that. plus, there’s the fact that this “band” is / was / probably always will be one guy and a load of hardware and software (marcus, my drummer, runs on hydrogen, if you must know).

i’m not sure what “live” is, given the model i work from.  sadly, and at least for now, video is as close to motion entertainment as asw gets.

however, with the purchase of a new guitar this summer and a new laptop this week to replace the 7 year old one [yes, seven, not a typo]  that the existing material was mixed on, the pieces are in place to make some more music.  now, as always, the missing ingredient is time.

sometime this week i hope to transfer the catalogue of raw songs, mixes and masters to the new hardware, and work on completing a 99%-done “fun song” comprised of a cool, heavily modulated loop and some of my favourite sound bites.  I think it could use some guitar noise to bring it to the finish line. 🙂

and no, i’m not promising a release date.  that joke isn’t funny anymore.

p.s. a helmet tip to Bubby-Bobble for being our latest fan on

– kurgan k.

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