end of year release possible, but unlikely

odd how circumstances can change so much. when this project began the notion of meeting a by-end-of year deadline seemed comical. “i could release two albums by then,” i remember thinking. but not so.

the will is there. the songs are there. the time? still not there.

2 thoughts on “end of year release possible, but unlikely

  1. Nick Doyle

    It’s funny how deadlines always seem so attainable at first. I’m behind schedule myself (not terribly so but enough to notice) so I understand your sentiments on music-time-management. I still look forward to hearing the album when you do finish it. I hope your circumstances are improving or, if nothing else, at least helping fuel some creativity even if it’s just ideas floating around in your head.

  2. asw Post author

    thanks, nick! some good will come of what’s happened this year, for certain. the main barrier now is just time. very glad to hear you’re mostly on track with your own project. i love your stuff,and I’ve valued having a talented peer to touch base with this year. any journey is better with friends along for the same ride.

    – k.k.


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