the songwriting begins

started writing songs last night.  well, to be frank… after everything required to write songs was taken care of, a couple of rough ideas were hastily captured with Audacity.

most of yesterday was consumed with finding, organizing and rehabilitating gear that hasn’t seen light beyond the closet door in years:

  • locating missing power adapters (early experimentation suggests that most electronic stuff works best when plugged to live current)
  • thumbing through step-by-step instructions to using vintage effects that were cutting edge the last time they were used
  • debating whether or not to change grungy strings (that is, dirty and used strings, not strings that were necessarily used to play grunge—although they might have been at some point)
  • re-activating in-active active electronics that barely squeaked because they had sipped all the juice from their hidden 9-volt batteries.

with nearly 45 seconds of music written, the thought occurs: lyrics would be good to have.  might be time to recycle some of that awful poetry from high school and/or university and/or jail.  maybe they’ll sound better with drums and bass to distract the brain.

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