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love from Dolston

i got an unexpected treat this week in the form of an invitation to perform live, from none other than DJ Dolston: the promoter, manager and madness behind Death Disco. i wasn’t able to accept, but was pleased to see him leave the door open for us anyway.  a nice, well-timed boost.  much <3, DJD.

truthfully, the thought of performing live never occurred before.  this project began as a studio experiment with a goal of getting a few fans (achieved!), some club play (achieved!) and some digital sales (not achieved!). for now, i can’t see beyond that. plus, there’s the fact that this “band” is / was / probably always will be one guy and a load of hardware and software (marcus, my drummer, runs on hydrogen, if you must know).

i’m not sure what “live” is, given the model i work from.  sadly, and at least for now, video is as close to motion entertainment as asw gets.

however, with the purchase of a new guitar this summer and a new laptop this week to replace the 7 year old one [yes, seven, not a typo]  that the existing material was mixed on, the pieces are in place to make some more music.  now, as always, the missing ingredient is time.

sometime this week i hope to transfer the catalogue of raw songs, mixes and masters to the new hardware, and work on completing a 99%-done “fun song” comprised of a cool, heavily modulated loop and some of my favourite sound bites.  I think it could use some guitar noise to bring it to the finish line. 🙂

and no, i’m not promising a release date.  that joke isn’t funny anymore.

p.s. a helmet tip to Bubby-Bobble for being our latest fan on

– kurgan k.

westboro baptist church

tonight while i was shoveling the snow from my driveway, i had plenty of time to consider how completely vile and reprehensible fred phelps is.  and the rest of his freakish family.  except nathan, of course, and any others who had the good sense to quit or be shunned for coming to their senses…

anyway, i wrote most of the lyrics of a rather puerile, country-flavored anti-hymn in fp’s (dis-) honor.

maybe i can punk it up a little. it’s a good candidate for one of those one-off, throw away tracks you hide at the end of a cd (remember those?) after 12 minutes of silence.

but mostly, i just think it would be cathartic to record.

a worthless fucking song for a worthless fucking bastard. why the fuck not?

– kk

so i ordered a new guitar…

…nothing special.  in fact, that was the whole idea.  cheap, bottom of the line, mass-produced, official copy of a good instrument.  something that can sit on a stand, and withstand being scratched, knocked over,  neglected.

it makes sound and will hopefully stay in tune for the duration of recording.

i bought it from lamusic dot ca, and so far i don’t recommend them. they are not fast.  i could have flown to indonesia and bought one in person by now, plus had a week’s holiday.

i still want to put out music.  i just realized that despite all the shit that’s happened, i feel mostly okay…  and that’s detrimental to my creative impetus.

i’m most into expression when i hurt so bad i need to let it all out.  as it stands, i’m keeping the good stuff in.  recording the material i have on paper and in the cloud will take work, because the person that wrote it isn’t the same anymore.  his non-evil twin has to pick up the undone.

anyway… i now own (but have not received!) something that i can see everytime i walk past it.  i want to make it more likely that i’ll grab it and start writing each day, if only for 10 minutes.

birth (the end)

just mastered another track. it’s the opener of the EP, and not intended for release as a single.

it says what we wanted to say, but even as the writers, it’s hard to listen to…

the cycles of the music reflect the cyclical recurrence of abuse. mid-song, the woman’s pleas to ‘stop’ seem to blend from a conflict with her partner to her distress during the process of birth labour, but it also indicates that the abuse continues to underscore the relationship, even as it changes from a pair to a family.

sonically, it’s pounding and grating. the words are only partially intelligible: more emotional than understandable. a relationship in turmoil, domestic abuse, an unwanted pregnancy: the stage for a new life that never should have been.

as an album cut, it’s part of the story. it’s the conceptual framework for the pieces that follow. it’s the beginning of a story arc. while RH&FB wasn’t initially conceived as a ‘concept EP’, the lyrical output clustered around the same dark region, and a concept emerged.

that said, people may only ever listen to the opening track once. hopefully it’s not the first song they ever hear from us, or they may not bother to listen to another one.

album recording in progress

well, well, results at last…

the first track was laid down today, with the exception of a bass part.

asw doesn’t have a dedicated studio, so there’s quite a bit of set up and tear down involved for a recording session. because this particular song: “nonentity” was written from scratch in-studio, there wasn’t enough time to get a bass part down. but 2 guitars, drums and vocals are in. the bass part, samples and effects will be added soon.

the debut album is tentatively titled “rage, hate, and fluffy bunnies”.

dig it.

the songwriting begins

started writing songs last night.  well, to be frank… after everything required to write songs was taken care of, a couple of rough ideas were hastily captured with Audacity.

most of yesterday was consumed with finding, organizing and rehabilitating gear that hasn’t seen light beyond the closet door in years:

  • locating missing power adapters (early experimentation suggests that most electronic stuff works best when plugged to live current)
  • thumbing through step-by-step instructions to using vintage effects that were cutting edge the last time they were used
  • debating whether or not to change grungy strings (that is, dirty and used strings, not strings that were necessarily used to play grunge—although they might have been at some point)
  • re-activating in-active active electronics that barely squeaked because they had sipped all the juice from their hidden 9-volt batteries.

with nearly 45 seconds of music written, the thought occurs: lyrics would be good to have.  might be time to recycle some of that awful poetry from high school and/or university and/or jail.  maybe they’ll sound better with drums and bass to distract the brain.