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positive developments

some good happenings this week. in addition to releasing our second video, we got some more love from the ottawa music community

on tuesday, deathdisco’s dolston, while acknowledging that he might have to step back a few paces for a well-deserved breather, took time out to praise others on the scene, including asw and our talented colleague Nick Doyle:

“The good thing is that I am thinking about slowing down when other people have started doing more….¬†There are new music projects forming in Ottawa – Apriorism, Antisocialworkers…¬†The dark music scene here is vibrant and new people are coming in every week.”

nice to know that dark music and new projects are embraced, particularly by luminaries of the scene.

blessing #2: our music will get its first club play (that we’re aware of) at Industrial Overload on May 18.

thank you, ottawa!